Vamos por el Magdalena

“Vamos por el Magdalena”... es una canción que hace alusión a la vida representada por un río. El río, como la vida, cambia mientras avanza su cauce; tiene “sequías y subiendas”. El río, propicia el viaje e invita a soñar.


Totó La Momposina meets Berklee

Totó La Momposina... The essence that leads us forward
I have been involved with Toto’s music since I was a teenager in Colombia and she had just returned from France after recording her 1993 album La Candela Viva, which she recorded for Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. This album was released with an unforgettable concert at a local theater, and I immediately fell in love with her voice, drums, and her music, which I consider powerful, inspiring, motivating, and a key representation of Colombia’s Caribbean tradition.
Later on, when I became a student at Berklee, I took my drums to Boston, and started transcribing Totó’s melodies and rhythmic patterns. This initiative led to an unforgettable student performance at Berklee’s International Folk Music Festival, a strong student team participation at the Latin Culture Week, and a live performance with a Berklee Latin Ensemble in a sold-out concert of a Youth Colombian Ballet called Bajucol. The essence led us forward...
As Berklee Latino: Colombia came to Bogotá, so too did the opportunity to invite Totó and Marco Vinicio Oyaga, her musical director and son, to Berklee. I have no doubt their artistry will be an inspiration for the Berklee community, and a motivation for the Berklee Latino initiative that will share the college’s knowledge, and reach the best musical talent throughout Latin America. Once again, let the essence lead us forward!
From the song : “Así lo canto yo”
“Soy del rio, vengo del sol, borro el olvido, traigo el calor, canto porque es lo mío pa’ alegrar tu corazón...”
“I am from the river, I come from the sun, I rease oblivion, I bring the warmth, I sing because it is my call, to enlighten your heart...” 

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