Vamos por el Magdalenaa

"Vamos por el Magdalena" is a song that refers to life represented by a river. The river, like life, changes as its course progresses; it has "droughts and abundance." The river inspires the journey and invites to dream.


Así lo canto yo - A song dedicated to Totó la Momposina

The Album Que venga la vida also includes songs inspired by great musicians such as Totó la Momposina who was the inspiration for Así lo canto yo (This is how I sing it).
“Totó inspired my musical enjoyment for the voice of “cantadoras” and for traditional Afro-Colombian music. She has opened new paths for Colombian traditional music, as her voice sings about battles, trails, joys and realities.” I had the honor to write this song for Totó and sing it with her: I am from the river and I come from the sun, I erase forgetfulness and bring warmth, I sing because it is my way to cheer up your heart.

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