Vamos por el Magdalenaa

"Vamos por el Magdalena" is a song that refers to life represented by a river. The river, like life, changes as its course progresses; it has "droughts and abundance." The river inspires the journey and invites to dream.


About the recording process

The recording process for this album, Que venga la vida (Let life come) lasted for almost a year at the Polen Records studios in Bogotá - Colombia, where Mónica began experimenting with Mauricio Pantoja’s guitars, Diego Amorocho’s engineering and Felipe Álvarez´s production. Once they determined the musical structure for the guitars and the voices, they began recording with each of the session musicians. Having worked with upright bass player Diego Valdés for many years his contribution became very natural and clear. Diego offered depth, body and warmth to the songs and served as a foundation for inviting Juan Sebastián Caicedo to record the drum parts. Juan Sebastián provided movement, strength and cheerfulness, and his sound renewed Mónica’s music.
When this process was concluded, the production team knew they had reached the album’s core, and they were ready to continue with the exciting stage of recording collaborations with Totó la Momposina, Sidestepper, Diego Amorocho from (Vietato) and Santiago Prieto from (Monsieur Periné). Finally, they worked on capturing different musical textures, such as the guitars recorded by Alejandro Gomezcáseres, keyboards by Juan José Peña, percussions by Urián Sarmiento, trumpet by Batanga and backing vocals performed by Andrea de Francisco. This is how this album came to be… Que venga la vida! (Let life come)!
About Polen Records:
Recording studio oriented towards Latin music that has developed and released some of Colombia’s most interesting acts. Artists such as Bajotierra, Pernett, Sol Okarina, Bomba Estéreo, Chocquibtown and Sidestepper .
Record Label Music. Miami, USA
Dennis Murcia
(305) 542-1191

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