Vamos por el Magdalenaa

"Vamos por el Magdalena" is a song that refers to life represented by a river. The river, like life, changes as its course progresses; it has "droughts and abundance." The river inspires the journey and invites to dream.


Totó La Momposina...The essence that leads us forward

I have been involved with Toto’s music since I was a teenager in Colombia and she had just returned from France after recording her 1993 album La Candela Viva, which she recorded for Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. This album was released with an unforgettable concert at a local theater, and I immediately fell in love with her voice, drums, and her music, which I consider powerful, inspiring, motivating, and a key representation of Colombia’s Caribbean tradition.

Our new music video. Hope you enjoy!

This coming thursday 28th of may at 6:30pm we will be performing live at La Javeriana university in the Luis Carlos Galán auditorium.

“I believe colombian music its getting better and better", article in the colombian newspaper El Tiempo: http://bit.ly/1yL4zQV Que venga la vida!