Vamos por el Magdalenaa

"Vamos por el Magdalena" is a song that refers to life represented by a river. The river, like life, changes as its course progresses; it has "droughts and abundance." The river inspires the journey and invites to dream.


We continue building bridges between Berklee College of Music and Colombia. You're all invited to this wonderful concert to celebrate our music with Berklee Band.

"Colombia is the most diverse country in the world of sources for contemporary sounds. This is why I compared it with the Mississippi flow, which generated rock and country. Colombia is similar and I’m glad that the youth is noticing. They’re now going to the traditional teachers of gaitas and drums ... The rock of the world, which the English generated through their contact with their colonies or that which was generated by Elvis Presley… that rock it’s owned by other people. Mine is generated from Cumbia. Cumbia is my blues.” - Carlos Vives.

What a team! Berklee’ leaders came to visit Colombia. We were honored to have them and share with them our music! Thank you to Gaira Café, Carlos Vives and Claudia Elena Vásquez.

There's no doubt. Miami Sound Machine completely influenced the latin music industry. A gathering to remember forever with Gloria and Emilio Estefan.
Roger Brown, thank you for the picture.

Totó la Momposina received in 2015 the first Berklee Latin Masters Award given to a Colombian musician. It was a very powerful week with Totó and her percussionist son Marco Vinicio Oyaga. They shared with students and professors their music, tradition and history in different academic activities such as the production of a beautiful concert within the Berklee's Signature Series.
In this photo Oscar Stagnaro and Mili Bermejo gave this musical recognition to Totó la Momposina.