Video: "I don't stop loving you"

"I do not stop loving you" is our starting point, and you, the sense of our songs! We are happy to share our video with you !!! Thank you for celebrating with us on this special launch day.


Enjoy my new single La flor de la canela by Chabuca Granda.

For you enjoyment I present to you "Junto al palmar del bajío" with Calixto Mindiola.

Today I share with you this video with great joy and excitement. It was an unforgettable concert: a fantastic team with the production "Caminos de ida y vuelta" and the great value of our colombian music together with Berklee´s talent. Enjoy!

A beautiful ending with the masters of Colombian music. Those that can touch your heart. It was very powerful to have them surrounded by the best Berklee Talent.

We continue building bridges between Berklee College of Music and Colombia. You're all invited to this wonderful concert to celebrate our music with Berklee Band.