Vamos por el Magdalenaa

"Vamos por el Magdalena" is a song that refers to life represented by a river. The river, like life, changes as its course progresses; it has "droughts and abundance." The river inspires the journey and invites to dream.


We collaborate to find inspiration through music, through friendship, and through the pursuit of new sounds. Together we create, discover and surprise ourselves. This is why we got together with Santiago Prieto, the guitarist of Monsieur Periné, with Diego Amorocho from the band Vietato, and with Totó La Momposina.

"I am from the river and I come from the sun, I erase forgetfulness and bring warmth, I sing because it is my way to cheer up your heart
Mónica Giraldo singing with Totó la Momposina.
To download the album Que venga la vida click here: http://bit.do/unGustoEstarAqui

Writting about music is not an easy job... thank you Juan Carlos Piedrahita for this great article about my last album, "Que venga la vida”. 


You're all invited!!

Luggage packed up to travel to Japan! Songs, drums and guitars ready for our upcoming concerts in Tokyo!