Video: "I don't stop loving you"

"I do not stop loving you" is our starting point, and you, the sense of our songs! We are happy to share our video with you !!! Thank you for celebrating with us on this special launch day.


One of the most special moments I've had on stage has been singing along with Totó la Momposina our song "Así Lo Canto Yo" at Teatro Julio Mario Santo Domingo next to the Berklee Band during the Concert "Caminos de ida y vuelta" on the 7th March 2017

New video today! We celebrate #BajoElMismoCielo with this joyful farewell song: "I will not cry" We sang, danced, jumped and laughed between the streets and their art! "I will not cry when you leave" Enjoy it !!!

I invite you to transport yourself to the sea to sing "Gotas de Luar", song that is part of my album #BajoElMismoCielo. Enjoy this moment of calm! Marisa Monte - Tribalistas

The motivations are those that make the music. Here I share the reasons that led me to record "Under the Same Sky" in an interview with Valeria Murcia at Citytv.com.co.

To sing, to say goodbye! I present to you "Que pena", with its sharp lyrics and its guitars by Zitarrosa. A great singer and composer from Uruguay - a beautiful simbol of the new latinamerican song.